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Video Shorties that I made as a content generating challenge

Hi friends!

For 2022 I made a resolution to be more present online. Do more blogs, send out more emails, post more content. Well, I guess I was semi-successful. The problem is that I abhor social media in all forms, and I don't watch TV- which means I don't watch youtube either. So, being a complete Luddite as far as marketing in the 21st century, I might have bit off more than I can chew. Whatever. Luckily my other business was able to hire a social media manager to promote our WooWoo healing and therapy stuff. And the side-effect of that was I had a bunch of content generating ideas (Hooks Of The Day) and the motivation to produce video. I know, this is all so very boring. BUT- if you aren't my friend on linkedin then you wouldn't see my videos! I know you want to see them. So here is this week's collection of shorties. Hope that you like them...

Shorty #1 "A Secret"

I used to immediately block foreign horny randos who DM me on Linkedin. Cuz, like...ew...right? I don't know why I never thought of this before... but now I reply with my website link. Once I started doing this the traffic from Linkedin to my website rose by 1240%!! #SEO #HOTD1

Shorty #2 "A Joy"

There are so many joys of getting to work as a courtesan. This video is about practicing my spiritual path as a sex witch- for pay! That is a true joy. #HOTD2

Shorty #3 "How to be terrible" at faking and orgasm.

Escorts are accused of faking orgasms all the time. In fact, most people are shocked when I tell them that I never fake an orgasm. A colleague, BabyBleu, demonstrated her fake orgasm to me (with me) at a party one time. It's a humorous story, but it was a terrible fake orgasm. #HOTD3

Shorty #4 "Fun Fact"

Fun Fact! 90% of the job is listening. Another fun fact! %90 of the job is snuggling. If you can snuggle and listen at the same time you will probably be successful as an escort. (The other %10 is a breeze!) #HOTD4

Shorty #5 "How-To" put on a garter belt in preparation for the date... the right way!

Garter belts and stockings....mmmm so erotic. The words conjure thoughts of smokey rathskellers and jazz dives. 50's pin-ups, Marilyn Monroe. Classy hookers wear garters and stockings. SMART classy hookers put them on the right way. #HOTD5

(Sorry the youtube is age restricted. Below is the full video)

Shorty #6 "Worst Practice" - bad bathroom selfies

SERIOUSLY! This is my #1 pet peeve about hookers posting selfies. When they take the selfie in a bathroom mirror, and the toilet is in the picture. HAVE SOME SPATIAL AWARENESS BITCH! I mean, GROSS! Block your shots! Location. Props. Everything in your picture will be seen by strangers! Take some pride in your presentation for goodness sakes! There is just something deeply disturbing about a woman trying to look hot in order to entice men to pay for access to her body-with a giant turd in the background. It's FUBAR. #HOTD6

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