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In this episode our host separately interviews yours truly and Rose. Rose has a different perspective of the SW Industry in some ways.  her intensity reminds me of Chelsea, the woman whose wedding I catered.  Interestingly enough her and I say almost the same things about some topics.  The show had a serious undercover journalism feel to it.


  • Liv's origin story

  • Dick pics, WTF?

  • The nitty gritty of SW.

  • Some stuff I won't talk about again on other shows.

Part 2 of 2


  • Motherhood and Sex Work

  • Branding

Part 1 of 2


  • Legality

  • Pros and Cons of sex work

  • Misconceptions

  • Lessons Learned

The Stoned Genius: Liv LaRue #2:
Courtesan and Madam Liv LaRue joins Catherine and TSG to discuss the relationship status of her clientele. We also discover why many people go outside their own relationships to find something they are not getting from home.

The Mikey Podcast Liv LaRue: 
Today's guest, Liv LaRue, is a madam and courtesan in Reno.

The Stoned Genius: Liv LaRue #1:
The Stoned Genius talks to Olivia (Liv) LaRue about her job as a courtesan. Liv talks about her job and it's likely not what you might expect. Liv says much of her time is spent talking and listening. After listening to this episode, you will see why Liv is so highly sought after. She is a great conversationalist and has quickly become a favorite of the show. Enjoy!

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