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I Love LinkedIn because...

Hi friends, this is Liv LaRue, Courtesan and Madame.

This is why I love Linkedin and Youtube.

I am in the Adult Entertainment Industry…

Specifically the In-Person type of entertainment…

I meet my BEST clients on Linkedin.

This is because my desired clientele are professional men, and they use Linkedin as a work friendly place to engage in Social Media.

I’m a busy woman. I don’t post on a lot of social media platforms.

It stresses me out.

It time takes away from my real, in person work.

It time takes away from my family.

Frankly, it overwhelms me.

Social media messes with my emotional sobriety.

This life of mine requires DISCIPLINE.

This life of mine requires BALANCE.

Too much time in LaLa Land online, worrying about what other people are thinking about me- it messes with my head.

I post on Linkedin; and I post on Youtube.

I send out email blasts.

That’s all I have bandwidth for.

It is what it is.

The other day something happened to my LinkedIn profile.

My Linkedin account became restricted!

And I didn’t know why…

Now, I am the first to admit that I have many of the emails from Linkedin going to my spam folder.

They email me alot!

So I did not know that I was being flagged.

Imagine my DISMAY when I learned I was in LINKEDIN JAIL!


Here is why I LOVE Linkedin…

They were very kind to me.

First they wanted to verify my identity. They had me upload a picture of my ID to match my user name.

Roadblock…. Right?!

I use a stage name!

“No problem” they said. They understood my need for a stage name.

The next issue I faced was my flags…

I had been red flagged; and I didn’t know why.

It took a few weeks but the team at Linkedin got back to me. They told me to…

Wait for it…


OMG, really!? A phone call, with a

Real. Live. Person!!

I love it!

I talked to a lovely woman, who explained everything to me.

My flags were because I had been soliciting.

Wait, WHAT?!

I didn’t think I was soliciting. I mean, I wasn’t directly asking my audience to make an appointment with me.

Oh, but I was…

The nice lady explained that every time I write or say a call to action, such as…

“Text me”

“Call me”

“Email me”

“Message me”


Well, I’ll be darned!

Ok, so- friends- on Linkedin…Do NOT say or write those things in regards to the adult industry.

Specifically being a Courtesan!

It will get you flagged!

I also was posting pictures that were a little too racy for the platform.

Silly me.

Also, we can’t use certain words that imply illegal activity.

Like “escort”.

MILF is ok though!!

That’s good, because I am definitely a MILF.

Why do I love Youtube?

Because they have never messed with me 🙂

So, friends, if you-like me-love Linkedin and Youtube…

Please comment or share this article!

Help me help others stay inside the lines!

So we can all have fun and make money!!

I’m here to help you learn the ropes of this business.

My website is

“Courtesan “


“Adult Industry”

“Adult Entertainment”




“Social Media”


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