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For Hobbiests

Navigating the world of compensated companionship can be daunting. Without guidance or education the pitfalls and traps are many.  I am here to help you sail these waters successfully. Simply reach out to me to schedule a "Courtesan Consultation" regarding education. 
What seems like a simple task, securing a date for the evening, can turn ugly and complicated very quickly.  Many men who are new to '"The Hobby" get scared away by unscrupulous "providers" (if they provide anything besides a headache and paranoia.) How does one differentiate between real and scam? 
Let's say that you found a Provider online and worked up the courage to contact her. Odds are she is asking you some questions that you don't know how to answer. References?  Screen-names? What does she mean? If you respond the "wrong" way she will block you and you won't know why. 
Repeat this a few times and many a future Hobbyist is defeated before actually meeting any provider at all.
Pretend you made it through her screening process and have a date set. Now what? Do you know what she is expecting of you in regards to donation etiquette? What do all those acronyms on her ad even mean? (RBGFE, YMMV, DATY... etc)
That's why you need me....
You and I can sit down in person over a cup of coffee in my private office.  You can ask me any questions you may have about "The Hobby" with complete discretion.   Email me now to set up your New Hobbyist Consultation. The meeting will pay for itself when you see just how much time and money you will save by educating yourself!
Just coffee talk: 100 hour
Coffee talk plus+ : 750 ~90 Minutes
Rates are for normal business hours, M-F 9-4. After hours appointments welcome, may be subject to higher rates on case by case basis.
Reach out to me now to schedule an appointment.
Watch the video and read the blog "How It Works: How to Hire An Escort".

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