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Advice - How It Works

Navigating the world of compensated companionship can be daunting. Without guidance or education the pitfalls and traps are many.  I am here to help you sail these waters successfully. Simply reach out to me to schedule a "Courtesan Consultation" regarding education. 
First things first. Are you a potential Client or a potential Escort? Please visit the corresponding links to gather more information.

We expect our clients to have impecible manners, be clean, be punctual, and respect our personal boundaries. Our time together should be thought of as a proper date. Which means show up ready to make a good first impression! First impressions count!

Furthermore due to the amount of fakes inquiries and low quality potential clients we now require deposits for all new clients and outcalls. If you feel that this will be a hindrance to you, please state such in your screening form. We will try to accommodate you, however screening will be a much longer process. It is what it is.

So... please, familiarize yourself with the screening, the rules, and my helpful tips
before reaching out. Then head on over to the Make An Appointment page to be screened.

If you are a potential Escort please go to our Mentoring Page and then the Application Page for consideration.

Looking forward to making memories together!
~xo Liv

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