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The Spiritual Side of Sex Work

You know, I have heard it said- and maybe you have too- that no girl dreams of being a sex worker when they grow up. Every time I hear that It makes me cringe. Why? Because it's not true. This girl dreamt of being a sex worker when she grew up. This girl has dreamt of being a sex worker since she was 12.

I have also had folks tell me that this work isn't very spiritual. I'm here to tell you that there is no truth to that fallacy either. In fact- I attribute my rousing success in this industry to the fact that I can, and do, meld mysticism, magic, and yes- spirituality- into my sex craft.

Sex craft? Yes. The art of passion. The mastery of love-making. My "canvas" is the time I spend with a client, the connection we create- the experiences we share. My "paint" is a wink, a smile, a touch, a kiss...

They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master something. I did the math, I am a master at SexCraft.

Not only have I wanted to be a courtesan since I was a pre-teen, I have also been a "witch" for the same amount of time. I use the term "witch" loosely. I prefer Sorceress. "Sex Witch" is fun to say though; and the shock appeal tickles me. There are very old, very sacred teaching on sex magic- and I study them. I practice them. I share them with those who are open to receive the benefits.

Ever heard of Tantra? Maybe a little? It is an ancient spiritual practice. Just so happens that the practice of this spiritual art enhances lovemaking. Even more so when all participants join in. Serendipitously, my work gives me ample opportunities to fine tune this spiritual practice.

I know secrets. Sometimes I share these secrets with my clients. They tell me unusual tales of good fortune, visions and dreams, miraculous healing, positive attitude adjustments, and more- as a benefit of spending time together. Sure, yes, this could be the outcome of simply have a roll in the hay so to speak.


I wouldn't know.

Some of the esoteric details may alarm a less open minded reader, and as such I will leave them for "one on one" discussion. There really is quite a lot that I could say about this topic. If there is interest expressed from the audience perhaps I will write more about it.

You see, I haven't talked about this topic very much with the public. It is quite personal. It is also controversial; added controversy in a already taboo industry. There is danger of being labeled and ostracized. But... I am Olivia LaRue. At this stage in the game, I could not care less if people think I am odd, scary, or crazy. You like me or you don't.

Perhaps this little blog has piqued your interest. Sex magic? Yes. You, me , all of us can do sex magic. How? Let me show you. Shoot me a text to make an appointment. Be amazed with the power you have inside of you. Power to get what you want in life. Power to create luck and fortune. Power to be blessed with love.

Suspend disbelief long enough to create some magic of your own. You may be surprised to find out that you are a sex witch too.



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