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An Ode to Miss Holly Clark

This week y'all get a little glimpse into the love affair that my Partner In Seduction, Miss Holly, and I have. I have been wanting to tell this story for ages. Simply because our love is a special kind that not many people get to experience. There's no bullshittery, no presumptions, no fluff. We love each other on any day that ends in Y. One of the best parts of this job is that sometimes I get to make money by playing with my girlfriend. I love my life.

Miss Holly Clark- beautiful angel that you are... I remember the day we met like it was yesterday...

The date is February something 2014. The setting is Midtown Reno. Little Liv is getting ready to embark on a new journey to meet a someone that would have a great impact on her decisions to come. Liv is nervous and wants to be pretty and pleasing. So she makes an appointment for primping at a new salon. The moment she walks in the wheels of fate and destiny turn, catch, whirl and spin. There SHE is. The one, the only, yes friends...the beautiful Miss Holly Clark...

So unassuming you were then baby, you were just sitting there with your flowing chestnut hair. "Hello" you said, in that chipper voice that you use to sound cheerful.

We chatted while you styled me. I remember clearly thinking to myself that very day that I would one day get you in my bed. I remember seeing the future. I divulged my secret plan to you that day. The one I hadn't told anyone yet.

"I am going to be a Madame and run a brothel one day."

And you said...

"I want in on that."

Well we started planning right then and there. Sure, we'd only known each other for 20 minutes. But no matter- we had destiny building our path together and we both knew we were soulmates.

"Well, I reckon to be a Madame I will need to become friends with escorts. I guess the best way to do that is to become an escort myself." I hesitantly ventured. You were supportive. So I became an escort. And 3 months later you followed me.

Being an escort is a seductive life choice. There's something to be said about making a stack of cash in a day equal to a 2 week paycheck. Sure, the means and methods of acquiring said cash may be undesirable; but in this business we learn to forget.

Anyway- our foray in sex work was littered with misadventures in the beginning. Like the client who went to high school with you, and shorted your donation. What a maroon. And the client who scared us by screaming like a little girl when he was excited. He was a demanding motherfucker, n'était-il pas?

And I still bemoan the fact that our very first threesome was wasted on an asshole from Montana. A few years later he sent you some really mean texts. I swear to God I will puncture his larynx with my pink 5 inch Stiletto if I ever see him again.

Nobody talks to my Baby-Girl like that and gets away with it.

Remember the time we drove out to the edge of the Sierras to meet that client who had a whole trapeze set rigged up in his living room?

Gosh, we sure do meet some interesting people in this line of work.

I remember the day we finally got our studio together. Our little downtown love nest. We had that place for 4 years; before the plague wrecked everything. That was our safe spot. It was more than a place to work. We retreated there for quiet time and just to get away from it all. Don't worry girl, we will have another, even better place again, one day.

You are a sassy wench when you want to be. And your tongue is quick. When you get on a roll and are ranting about something; Girl you are fucking hilarious. I'd pay $500 an hour just to hear you go off. It doesn't matter that I do my kegals, you make me laugh so hard I pee.

I could get really lusty and descriptive here, my girl. I could tell the whole world about your sweetness. I think though, that you would rather they find out for themselves. That's why we hiked up the mountain and took these pics the other day. I hope our friends like them as much as I do.

Check out Holly's new pictures here

Want to spend some time with Miss Holly Clark? Shoot her a text

or an email

See for yourself why I'm in love with her.

This week's letter is going out a little late, friends. Sorry about that.

My 10 year old was being a sweetheart and bringing me some tea; and ended up spilling it all over my laptop. So I had to scrape together the bones to buy a new one before I could write to all of you. If you feel sorry for me and want to help recoup my unexpected expenditure I would be most humbly appreciative. I will put the links at the bottom of this email. No expectations or pressure at all. Thank you in advance for your support :)

Venmo: @healthy-love


Thanks so much for reading! Hope everyone has a great week! Xoxo Liv

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