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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Business Podcast Interview

I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Ms. Catryn Becker from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Business" podcast.

"As business owners and entrepreneurs, we often feel alone. This podcast dives deep into the inner workings from a variety of industries to uncover the commonalities in business that we all experience."

Here are our show notes:

The world's oldest profession. There are so many words and terms, some of them not very nice, to describe this type of work as well as lot of judgement that comes with it. Yet there are quite a bit of learnings within this episode about marketing, understanding competition, and finding your passion that can be applied to any and every business. Guest Liv LaRue is a legal courtesan out of Reno, Nevada who was so generous with sharing her business with host Catryn Becker. We encourage you to listen in with an open mind.

Smart people learn from their mistakes but geniuses learn from the mistakes of others.

My history, terminology of the industry.

How to get started.

Talking about shame and sex work.

God’s gifts, knowing what they are finding out what they are.

Love: would you rather have real love for an hour or no love at all?


Advice to new hobbyists.

Ranting about the younger gen.

The future for BLES.

My definition of success.

As always, all my interviews are found on my website, here!

Until next time! ~XOXO~ Liv

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