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That Time I Catered Another Call-Girl's Wedding

Chelsea... you sassy little vixen. I love your sense of adventure and attitude. You're hecka feisty too. Here's the story about how a Mormon boy stole you right from under Reno's Hobby Scene. Not the WHOLE story, no of course not. Only you can tell that. But here's a little slice our Our story...

We met because you weren't afraid to trust another industry female. I had a slot open at the love shack; and needed it filled...badly. Meaning that I needed to meet some escorts that I could trust to respectfully share our sacred space. Renting the apartment by the hour to other escorts was a great way to build business and camaraderie among whores. You must have been tired of the old rigamarole of hosting at casinos. You said "sure", we had coffee, the rest is her-story.

You know, I think I fell in love with you when we were talking over that coffee. Well of course I fell in love with you, that's why I started this business, to be paid to be surrounded by beautiful women I could fall in love with. But what you said that afternoon over coffee is what turned my screw. We were talking about clients, comparing little black books, and you said.

"They're all just tricks to me!"

In that cute husky voice of yours. They are all just tricks to you. I love that attitude. I don't personally adopt that attitude myself, but it shows moxy. A fighting spirit. A winning "us vs them" mentality.

So, my little trickster, our friendship was formed.

I know you're a good girl now. And I know you have a different name too, so your tracks are well hidden. But I remember your petite spinner bod, long blond/red/pink/purple/blue hair, perky little tits. More about those later.

I'm going tell you another story first, about the night we stranded some poor young men at the Nugget in Sparks. First we kidnapped them from South Lake and relieved them of their cash; but I'm getting ahead of myself.

So, one night a while back I had a call to go meet someone down at the MontBleu Casino in South Lake Tahoe. He requested that I "bring a friend" and that friend was Miss Chelsea. However, she was babysitting in Yerington. So it took a while to get our fancy butts down there. But once we finally arrived we were ready to make some money. I guess the dude got bored waiting four hours for hotties to show up, because he was completely wasted and blacked out-roaming the casino with his adult sons. We tried to convince the fucker that we were the girls he asked for, but he was being belligerent and threatening to "turn us in", whatever the hell that means. Well, we didn't change out of our pajamas and drive to Tahoe for nothing, so of course we start working on the sons. There were words exchanged and the guys attempted to shake us. South Lake only has 1 main street though, so we found them pretty easily. Chelsea kept trying to jump out of my car because she wanted to "punch them in the face"; actually her descriptions of the acts of retribution she desired to inflict upon these poor guys were much more colorful and animated. None the less we did manage to get both dudes, kids really- I think it was their 21st birthday- AND their Dad's wallet IN my car and away we absconded to downtown Sparks at 2 in the morning.

The whole drive back, all 90 minutes of it, we regaled them with stories of Girls Gone Bad. How they should NEVER, EVER get in a car with strange women in stilettos and sequins. We got all uppity and shared the weirdest of the weird and strangest stories of the night. We thoroughly frightened them with tales of Nevada hookers and fiends; and what happens to innocent little boys who don't know any better. But we truly do have hearts of Gold, don't we Girl? Because instead of dumping them at In-and-Out Burger, like we should have, we gave them a birthday they wish they could remember. That was the night I got to show my love and appreciation for you, naked.

And we made them sit on a bar-stool and watch.

Ah...ah... ah... they could look but they couldn't touch.

Teehee, silly girls we were then.

Then we asked them to please go ahead and get us a cup of coffee from the Starbucks in the Nugget-right there, across the street. We will just freshen up and wait right here guys.

Then we went home. I don't really know what happened to those dudes, but I'm sure they're fine.

The reason I tell this story is because during the ride down to Tahoe you asked me to cater your wedding. I was honored!

Chelsea, I have only catered one function since I closed my Chef business, and that was your wedding, because I love you.

The wedding itself was an event to remember. I'll try to paint the picture for our readers. It was a beautiful fall weekend in the High Desert. There weren't any wildfires threatening to kill us all in that part of Nevada that year. You had the reception at the Elks Lodge in Eureka, 3 hours East on the lonliest road in America-Highway 50. The kitchen was in the basement and I humped all the food up and down those stairs all night. I remember your menu, tri-tip and chicken cordon bleu. I remember that we estimated food for 100 and close to 200 people came, effectively doubling the population of that town. But what stands out the most in my memory of that day is your wedding present from you husband. You were so happy to have a brand new pair of perfectly perky breasts for your wedding. Damn, you were a lovely vision to behold. Lilac hair flowing over your milky white shoulder and tumbling down upon your big, shiny new tits. All dressed in white-like a virgin.

The moral of this story friends is this. That a girl can decide to sell her body, sell her sex, dress up and pretend to be another person in exchange for cash...but deep down she's still a girl. She still wants to have that white dress. She still wants a nice young Morman man to come and be her knight in shining armor. The girl might have fun making money in the world's oldest profession, but she's doing it for her family. Chelsea, your daughter has got to be almost 10 now. Did you do right by her, marrying a nice man and moving onto a nice ranch in seclusion? Did you retire "Chelsea" and become just plain old Mommy and Wifey? Deep down that's what we want, a picture perfect family, daddies for our babies, a sweet- normal, boring life.

And a brand new pair of wedding tits doesn't hurt.

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