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My Least Favorite Interview So Far

Just Street Life with Liv LaRue on Just INwords

Well they can't all be winners, my friends. For some reason this interview felt very awkward to me. It was over quick, there wasn't much depth, and I didn't feel authentic. Kind of like ...oh never mind- I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings.

However, in the name of being a perfectionist with a slight OCD bent, first come-first served type vibe. Here is "Just INwords" with Justin. He asks me about being a chef, being an escort, being married. It is less than half an hour long. In the Hobby we call that a "QV" for quick visit. A little biz advice for ya there, friends.

Something to look forward to though. Dimitri "Demi" Wylde's "Hookup Horror Stories". That show is going to be funny AF. I remember almost peeing myself because I was laughing so hard. It's the next interview... release.

Stay sexy friends,

xoxo Liv

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